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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

We are one of the most active Cylindrical Roller Bearings Exporters based in India. Our Cylindrical Roller Bearings have gained massive popularity in India. Signet is one of the India’s leading roller bearings manufacturer which provides cost-effective and convenience solution to esteemed clients. Cylindrical roller bearings, except those of full complement design, are separable. This simplifies mounting and dismounting. Both bearing rings din bE}.ptovided with inter­ference fits. The modified line contact between rollers and raceways eliminates edge stressing.

Cylindrical rollers have linear contact with the raceway, and the bearings can carry heavier radial load. liner bearing, cylindrical bearing Applications are found in situations characterized by heavy load and shock load and also high rotation speed. The N type and NU type bearings can be movable along the shaft. They can adapt to the position changes between the shaft and housing caused by the thermal expansion or the mounting error and are most suitable for free end shafts. NJ and NF types can accept certain axial load in one direction, and NH and NUP types can accept certain axial load in two directions. Inner ring and outer ring can be separable, and be they are convenient to mount and dismount. FC, FCD and FCDP types can carry comparatively heavy radial load and are mainly applied for mill rolls. liner bearing, cylindrical bearing, steel mill bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, heavy load bearing, double row bearing, single row cylindrical roller bering, double row cylindrical roller bearing, four row cylindrical roller bering, Large Cylindrical roller bearings, Large diameter cylindrical roller bearings, Custom Cylindrical roller bearings, Large size cylindrical roller bearings

These bearings are mostly found in middle-sized and large-sized motors, electricity generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, machine tool spindles, deceleration devices, unloading and lifting machines and other industrial machines.

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